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Woodley Classic 2016
Qualifing rounds 25th March, 3rd, 10th, 17th April
Final 24th April, all 10.30 practice, 11.00 start
£15 entry payable to Woodley Sports Bowling club
To Mrs Gail Knowles, 15 Mansfield Close, Denton, Manchester, M34 3WS
Contact on 07718794498 or 0161 285 3918
Nursery Metro Classic
Qualifying Rounds June 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th. 6pm start
Finals Night July 9th. £15 entry fee: Maximum of 64
Prize Money £1300 Winner £500 Runner up £200
Losing semi-finalists £100 Losing quarter finalists £50
Losing semi-finalist from heats £25
Cheques payable to: The Nursery
Contact Details Irving Cummings 44 Portrea Close, Davenport,
Stockport. SK3 8RU 07748 819175 or 0161 483 8115
A1 Radiators Autumn Floodlit Pairs. At Houldsworth WMC

A. Hayes & L. McEgan. 16 A. Buckley & D. Griffiths 21
D. Walker & A. Walker 21 N. Smith & G. Beeley 15
G. Wilson & C. Wilson 21 A. Murray & S. Wooding 15
B. Gloag & J. Davies 21 G. Cookson & S. Cookson 12

Semi Finals
A. Buckley & D. Griffiths 21 D. Walker & A. Walker 17
G. Wilson & C. Wilson 21 B. Gloag & J. Davies 12

A. Buckley & D. Griffiths 16 G. Wilson & C. Wilson 21
Great Moor Open Final Day
Saturday 10th October

Malc Sims18 John Hignett 21
Paul Heap 12 Sam Hall 21
Paul Garwood 21 Dave Leigh 17
Jon Guess 21 Dave Mee 14
Paul Hawker 21 Matt Gatley 12
Ben Gloag 6 Lee Johnstone 21
Damian Morrison 21 Dave Jackson 17
Martin Ogiliev 21 Dave Penketh 17

Qtr Finals
John Hignett 21 Sam Hall 18
Paul Garwood 18 Jon Guess 21
Paul Hawker 15 Lee Johnstone 21
Damian Morrison 21 Martin Ogiliev 16

Semi Finals
John Hignett 15 Jon Guess 21
Lee Johnstone 21 Damian Morrison 11

Jon Guess 13 Lee Johnstone 21
Great Moor Open Qualifiers
Thursday 8th October
Sam Hall 21 Dave Bradwell 12
Dave Leigh 21 Darren Sergant 10
Dave Jackson 21 Dave Baskerville 13
Matt Gatley 21 Jamie Bramley 12

Great Moor Open Qualifiers
Wednesday 7th October
Paul Garwood 21 Graham McDermott 20
Dave Mee 21 Paul Leah 19
Paul Heap 21 Dene Hibbert 12
John Hignett 21 Martin Hodson 16
Great Moor Open Qualifiers
Tuesday 6th October
Ben Gloag 21 Chris Barlow 12
Jon Guess 21 Andy Murray 11
Malc Sims 21 Luke Guess 14
Martin Ogiliev 21 Gareth Whittaker 15
Great Moor Open Qualifiers
Monday 5th October
Paul Hawker 21 Colin Lane 9
Lee Johnstone 21 John Golpin 17
Dave Penketh 21 Dave Durham 6
Damian Morrison 21 Will Archibald 9
Whaley Bridge Open
Neil Simpson (Warrington) 19 Jonathan Guess (Burbage) 21
Steve Allen (Disley) 12 Phil Davies (Warrington) 21
Craig Newton (Lower Hopton) 6 Keith Middleton (Chapel) 21
Chris Barlow (Stockport) 6 Kerry Morris (Stoke) 21
Gary Ellis (Whitefield) 21 Dale Spragg (Chesterfield) 8
Steve Morrey (Crewe) 21 Sam Hall (New Mills) 18
Luke Guess (Burbage) 8 Graeme Wilson (Audenshaw)
21 Alan Manuel (Warrington) 16 Dave Baskerville (Altrincham) 21

Quarter Finals
Jonathan Guess 9 Phil Davies 21
Keith Middleton 6 Kerry Morris 21
Gary Ellis 21 Steve Morrey 17
Graeme Wilson 21 Dave Baskerville 11

Semi Finals
Phil Davies 7 Kerry Morris 21
Gary Ellis 14 Graeme Wilson 21

Kerry Morris 11 Graeme Wilson 21
Husband Cup Final
SMRBL v Tintwistle
J Hignett 21 J Haynes 15
D Rigby 21 C Wildgoose 14
P Conway 21 W Blackwell 18
S Ridley 21 D Liley 8
W Hibbert 21 W Coulthard 13
R Jordan 21 T Hughes 7
S Cook 21 P Ofsarnie 13
J Davies 21 P Marsden 4
M Bacon 21 R Waters 8
A Jones 21 F Thomason 18
SMRBL 198 Tintwistle 138

Jim Winning Plate Final
Great Moor v Etherow
J M Chapman 21 K Powell 12
G Horan 21 D Stubbs 19
J Pickering 21 P Lavin 13
B Pownall 21 B Shaw 11
B Thorley 21 R Warin 18
G Starkie 17 G Thorley 21
C Allcock 21 N Robinson 15
A Foster 8 L Stewart 21
D Malcolm 21 P Ashworth 6
B Fennell 14 P Tompkins 21
Great Moor 207 Etherow 199

Captain Andy Jones and the victorious SMRBL team

Jonathan Chapman and the Great Moor team
Whaley Bridge Pairs
Last 8
Peter Conway & Keith Fantom 8 v Jim Hartshorn & Jeff Brown 21
Kevin Wainwright & Phil Davies 21 v Paul Garwood & Neil Thelwall 12
Jack Hargreaves & Colin Leishman 21 v Paul Heap & Simon Cawley 15
Darren Smith & Andy Milson 21 v Callum Briddon & Richard Peach 18

Semi Final
Jim Hartshorn & Jeff Brown 7 v Kevin & Wainwright Phil Davies 21
Jack Hargreaves & Colin Leishman 8 v Darren & Smith Andy Milson 21

Kevin Wainwright & Phil Davies 21 v Darren Smith & Andy Milson 10
Cheshire Parks Vets v North Derbyshire Parks Vets
match played on 20 September 2015.
Cheshire Home Team names 1st
Played at Woodley Sports
Arthur Bradley 19 Ian Eaton 21
Steve Crowther 12 Dave Skelton 21
David Hardman 15 Dave Szeniawski 21
Dave Pilsbury 11 Alan Wragg 21
Graham Barrett 21 Dave Shaw 09
Doug Ralph 21 Vick Taylor 12
Bernard Gregory 19 Gary Hibbitt 21
Barney Donohoe 13 Keith Parks 21
Alan Hoy 20 Keith Herrington 21
Alan Campbell 11 Brannie White 21
162 189

Cheshire Away Team names 1st
Played at Pilsley BC Chesterfield
Jack Pickering 21 Ady Howard 10
Neil Adshead 19 Ian Johnson 21
Alex Kurcuz 21 Keith White 10
Dave Wilson 08 Trevor Brooks 21
Keith Tonge 08 Stuart Dixon 21
Cliff Thickett 14 Terry Spragg 21
Peter Ellis 07 Paul Windle 21
Kevin Chatterton 21 Mick Royston 18
Peter Fisk 21 Dave Cowley 15
Dennis Evans 12 Stuart Sharpe 21
152 179
The FLOWFIT BCGBA Men’s Champion of Champions on Sat 26th Sept & BCGLBA OSPREY Ladies Champion of Champions on Sun 27th Sept will both be live streamed. The programme will commence both days at 2.00pm live from the Waterloo Hotel in Blackpool
To watch the action tune in on Here

The draw for the final Veterans match to be played on 20th
September 2015 against North Derbyshire
Home team to play at Woodley Sports Bowling Club

Cheshire names first:
1 Arthur Bradley v Ian Heaton
2 Steve Crowther v Dave Skelton
3 David Hardman v Dave Szeniawski
4 Dave Pilsbury v Alan Wragg
5 Graham Barrett v Dave Shaw
6 Doug Ralph v Vick Taylor
7 Bernard Gregory v Gary Hibbitt
8 Barney Donohoe v Keith Parks
9 Alan Hoy v Keith Herrington
10 Alan Campbell v Brannie White

Away team to play at Miners Welfare Club (Side of) off Rupert Street,
Lower Pilsley, Chesterfield, Derbys. S45 8DB

Cheshire names first
1 Jack Pickering v Ady Howard
2 Neil Adshead v Ian Johnson
3 Alex Kurcuz v Keith White
4 Dave Wilson v Trevor Brooks
5 Keith Tonge v Stuart Dixon
6 Cliff Thickett v Terry Spragg
7 John Seddon v Paul Windle
8 Kevin Chatterton v Mick Royston
9 Peter Fisk v Geoff Smith
10 Dennis Evans v Stuart Sharpe
Waterloo Handicap
Last 8
Jamie Bramley 11 Ross Dunkley 21
Ian Nicholson 21 Simon Coupe 16
Ant Bracken 18 Greg Smith 21
Roy Moxham 17 Lee Fletcher 21

Semi Finals
Ross Dunkley 21 Ian Nicholson 16
Greg Smith 21 Lee Fletcher 14

Greg Smith 21 Ross Dunkley 19
Waterloo Handicap
Last 16
Jamie Bramley 21 Gareth Gwilliam 20
John Kennish 11 Ross Dunkley 21
Ian Nicholson 21 Gary Ellis 16
Simon Coupe 21 Chris Brown 16
Ant Bracken 21 Dave Bradford 16
Greg Smith 21 Adam Jackson 6
Matt Gilmore 19 Roy Moxham 21
Lee Fletcher 21 Kez Smith 16

Last 8
Jamie Bramley v Ross Dunkley
Ian Nicholson v Simon Coupe
Ant Bracken v Greg Smith
Roy Moxham v Lee Fletcher
Isle of Man
Main Competition
Gareth Lally 21 Martin Gilpin 17

Tourism Competition
Jon Guess 21 David Bradford 19
Just a few days to go before the televised finals of the Co-operative Funeralcare Waterloo Handicap Finals. The Waterloo committee have been working tirelessly behind the scenes in conjunction with Co-operative Funeralcare and ITV4 for many weeks. Crown Green Bowls has been crying out for years for this opportunity to showcase our beloved sport on terrestrial television. It’s been 26 year since the Waterloo was last on free to view television. Back in the 80’s our sport was regularly broadcast and gave opportunities for guys like Brian Duncan, Noel Burrows, Vernon Lee etc the chance to become household names. A whole generation have not had the chance to display their skills on nationwide TV until now. Let’s hope this is the shot in the arm our game needs to propel it back into the public eye and encourage more to take up the game. The Co-operative Funeralcare have invested in excess of £50,000 to fund the ITV4 coverage. Arguably the biggest cash investment ever associated with Crown Green Bowls and they should be applauded and supported for their marvellous generosity. Let’s hope the Crown Green Bowls fraternity turn out at our “Wembley” in numbers to support this fantastic opportunity to show that Crown Green Bowls is alive and kicking. Don’t forget if you have a ticket for Tuesday 15th you will get in FREE for the Finals on Wednesday 16th. The last 32 on Monday 14th is being streamed live from 10.00am on Globegig in conjuction with ITV4 will also live stream all the action on Tuesday 15th (last 16) & the finals on Wednesday 16th (Finals day) from 10.00am each day on the above link. So if you can’t make it to Blackpool you can pick up all the action be it on TV or laptop anywhere in the world.
Mike Dawson is looking to enter a team in the Stockport Parks league next season from the Bungalow. If anyone is interested please contact Mike on 07736 500658 txt or phone or Email with your details or you can speak to Benny Scott through the usual channels. Mike needs to know by 16 September
Bob Berry Pairs
Quarter Finals
R Birchall & D Birchall 21 P Fisk & D Mee 16
C Roberts & P Bannister 21 D Rigby & G Hoof 20
L Smith & K Robins 21 M Bennett & K Sargeant 17
D Parry & S Lang 21 P Hardy & A Sinclair 19

Semi Finals
C Roberts & P Bannister 21 R Birchall & D Birchall 16
L Smith & K Robins 21 D Parry & S Lang 17

Leigh Smith & Keith Robins 21 Charlie Roberts & Paul Bannister 18
Senior County Championship.
Crosfield Cup Final.
Sunday 6th September 2015. 2pm Start.
Cheshire v Warwick & Worcester

At Winnington Park No 1. Park Road, Winnington, Cheshire. CW8 4EB.
Steve Morrey (Queens Park) v Peter Davenport (George)
Tom Vickers (Wharton Cons) v Steve Freer (KHP)
Matt Thurlwell (Comberbach BC) v Pete Dunkley (Greville Arms)
James Harrop (Wharton Cons) v Greg Smith (WBFSC)
Stuart Kellett (Comberbach BC) v Anthony Bracken (Greville Arms)
Jason Cornes (c) (Castle Private) v Ben Harris (Great Barr)
Andy Hamman (Castle Private) v Tom Palmer (KHP)
Danny Nixon (Wharton Cons) v Colin Weaver (KHP)
Adi Faulkner (Castle Private) v Jason McLoughlan (KHP)
Robert Winnington (vc) (Castle Private) v Ross Dunkley (KGV)
Steve Curbishley (Castle Private) v Steve Wallace (Greville Arms)
Shaun Yearsley (Wharton Cons) v Darren Round (Greville Arms)

At British Oak Bowling Club. 1364 Pershore Road. Birmingham. B30 2XS.

Carl Armitage (c) (Houldsworth WMC) v Ryan Prosser (KGV)
Tommy Johnstone (Houldsworth WMC) v Neil Clarke (Tanworth-in-Arden)
Dave O`Brien (Castle Private) v Lee Kington (KHP)
Glynn Cookson (vc) (Wharton Cons) v Jason Galvin (KGV)
Noel Burrows (Sale Excelsior) v Justin Hemmings (KHP)
Simon Cookson (Wharton Cons) v Gareth Herbert (Greville Arms)
Phil Davies (Grange Sports) v Jon Palmer (KHP)
Ryan Sandham (Poynton Sports) v Stewart Meddings (George)
Paul Mackie (Castle Private) v Paul Hemming (George)
Michael McDonnell (Lloyd Hotel) v Carl Fielding (Greville Arms)
Lee Johnstone (Houldsworth) WMC v Chris Bergin (KGV)
Paul Dooley (Poynton Sports) v Tom Pritchard (c) (KGV)
Adshead Plate Final
Houldsworth W M C 1 v Whaley Bridge (+24)

L Johnstone 21 C Adams 12
D Ferris 21 D Jackson 8
D Morrison 18 W Archibald 21
T Johnstone 21 D Golpin 12
G Smedley 21 S Barber 11
C Price. 21 C Lomas 14
G Beeley 10 P Hawker 21
A Murray 21 J Golpin 12
D Teasdale 21 C Parrott 17
R Jordan 21 W Adams 12
Total 196 Total 164
Stockport Bowls Festival
Gents Vets Merit Final
2nd Round
P.Fisk 21 D. Kerr 11
D.Wilbur 21 M.Shaw 15
J.Keefe 21 A.Bebbington 10
D.Ralph 21 D.Wright 7
D.Bandey Wo
A.Burton 21 B.Griffiths 12
J.Gatley 21 D.Little 16
A.Hoy 21 P.Holt 16

Qtr Finals
P.Fisk 21 D.Wilbur 12
D.Ralph 21 J.Keefe 15
A.Burton 21 D.Bandey 14
A.Hoy 21 J.Gatley 20

Semi Finals
P.Fisk 21 D. Ralph 19
A.Hoy 21 A.Burton 16

Alan Hoy 21 Peter Fisk 20
Tremendous final where the lead changed hands so many times with never more than two chalks between Alan & Peter. Last end lead changed hands three times with bowls inches from the jack.
SUNDAY 23rd AUG 2015 6pm start

Bennett & Bennett v Scott & Horan
Cunningham & Lee v Hambleton & Wyatt
Hignett & Smith v Snodgrass & Roberts
Tasker & Gavin v Bacon & Davies
Osprey Grange Classic 3rd round Results

Chris Kelly (Sheffield) 21 Alan Manual (Warrington) 18 drew 13
Andy Murray (Withington) 21 Craig Newton (Castleford) 15 drew 9
Mark Hughes (Leeds) 21 Neil Grant (Swinton) 17 drew 8
Kes Smith (Leeds) 21 Neil Simpson (Shipley) 20 drew 16
Greg Smith (West Brom) 21 John McDonnell (M/cr) 07
Rob Burroughs (Telford) 21 Darren Beardsmore (Stoke) 13
Gary Ellis (Whitefield) 21 Danny Ferris (Stoke) 16
Tommy Johnstone (Poynton) 21 Martin Gilpin (Kendal) 20
Ian Nicholson (Kendal) 21 Callum Wraight (Shrewsbury) 09

Final Draw
Ian Nicholson (Kendal) v Greg Smith (West Brom)
Craig Cartwright (Dudley) v Dean Ferris (Denton)
Jamie Bramley (Stockport) v Graeme Wilson (Audenshaw)
Tommy Johnstone (Poynton) v Mark Hughes (Leeds)
Andy Murray (Withington) v John Guess (Buxton)
Glynn Storer (Stafford) v Rob Burroughs (Telford)
Chris Kelly (Sheffield) v John Dalziel (Liverpool)
Gary Ellis (Whitefield) v Kes Smith (Leeds)
Stockport Bowls Festival
Ladies Merit
2nd Round
P Camp 20 P.Nixon 21
L.Thomas 11 H.Walsh 21
D.Miller 21 M.Fisk 3
M.Cunningham 21 J Todman 15
J.Wilson 21 J.Crowther 11
M.Wyatt 14 T.O Toole 21
S.Beech 18 W.Thompson 21
K.Lush 17 M.Hopkinson 21
Qtr Finals
H.Walsh Walk Over P. Nixon Retired Injured
M Cunningham 21 D.Miller 11
T O Toole 21 J.Wilson 14
W.Thompson 21 M.Hopkinson 8

Semi Finals
M.Cunningham 21 H.Walsh 15
W.Thompson 21 T.O.Toole 14
Win Thompson 21 Meg Cunningham 7

Mens Merit
2nd Round
D.Tomiln 21 D.Little 20
B.Sellars 21 G.Bingham 8
G.Hoof W.O
T.Lush 21 D.Kerr 11
P.Garwood 21 G.Alcock 5
T O'Donnell 21 C.Barlow 17
G.Wood 21 G.Satndring 15
A.Burton 21 J.Lawrence 18
Qtr Finals
B.Sellars 21 D.Tomlin 14
G.Hoof 21 T.Lush 11
P.Garwood 21 T.O.Donnell 11
A.Burton21 G.Wood 20

Semi Finals
G.Hoof 21 B.Sellars 9
P.Garwood 21 A.Burton 11

Gary Hoof 21 Paul Garwood 8
Open Pairs 1st Round
J.Holt & Y Spurrell 21 J.Proctor &K.Bentley 13
B.Cloag & N.Warwick 21 B.Whittingham& P.Hennessy 11
M.Cunningham & J.Henderson 21 J.Wilson & H Walsh 16
D& R Millar 21 B & I Costello 19
D.Mather & M. McHugh 21 G.Standring & P Holt 19
B.Scott & B Pownall 21 Y Ellis & A.Willoughby 15
M.Hopkinson & P Stringer 21 T.O.Toole & D Simon 18
J.Crowther & D.Shaw 21 B & C Morris 9
D&S Smith 21 J.Keefe & J.Lawrence 17
C.Barlow & J.Bramley 21 R.Bramwell & R.Bowden 20
P.Camp & A Stewart 21 D.Ralph & P Ellis 20
C.Crowther & M.Shaw 21 K.Lush & A.Radcliffe 11
J.Pickford& B.Mcdonald 21 Ncleary & J Todman 20
M.Sands & J.Mee 21 E.Monks & D.Moores 16
M & D. Little 21 B.Danson & D.Canny 9
K.Wilson & M.Clancy 21 D.Bandy & M.Dawson 12

2nd Round
Gloag & Warwick 21 Holt & Spurrell 7
D & R Millar 16 Mather & Mchugh 21
Scott & Pownall 15 Crowther & Shaw 21
Hopkinson & Stringer 12 Barlow & Bramley 21
Mr & Mrs D Smith 17 Camp & Stewart 21
Crowther & Shaw 20 Sands & Mee 21
Pickford & Mcdonald 19 K.Wilson & M.Clancy 21
Mr & Mrs Little 14 ???

Qtr Finals
Gloag & Warwick 21 R & D Millar 16
Mather & Mchugh 21 Crowther & Shaw 9
Barlow & Bramley 21 Camp & Stewart 12
Wilson & Clancey 21 Sands & Mee 15

Semi Finals
Mather &Mchugh 21 Gloag & Warwick 19
Bramley & Barlow 21 Wilson &Clancey 18

Chris Barlow & Jamie Bramley 21 Darren Mather & Mark Mchugh 12
Cheshire County Parks Vets Championship v East Midlands
Home Leg at Victoria BC, Cheshire first
Ivor Hulme 21 Kevin Kelly-Whalley 13
Keith Tonge 17 Phil May 21
Dave Pilsbury 21 Dave Fox 15
Dave Bandy 21 Cliff Robinson 11
Steve Crowther 21 Jim Bancroft 17
Frank Quigley 21 John Barnett 18
Brian Pownall 21 Alan Lewsley 8
Bernard Gregory 21 Brian Varty 20
Alan Campbell 21 Jim Shorthouse 8
Kevin Chatterton 11 Dave Brennan 21
196 152

Away Leg at Netherseal, Sth Derbys Cheshire first
Dave Wilson 21 Keith Widdowson 16
Graham Barrett 7 Terry Bosworth 21
Neil Adshead 21 Brian Turner 16
Arthur Bradley 16 Graham Jones 21
Doug Ralph 21 Steve Atkin 16
Kevin Wilson 21 Ron Wright 15
Dennis Evans 17 Ivor Gibbs 21
Paul Elliott 21 Alan Johnson 11
Peter Fisk 21 Graeme Barrter 14
Alan Hoy 16 Dave Redfern 21
182 172

Overall score 378 324
The BCGBA Junior Individual Merit sponsored by BRIGGS EQUIPMENT UK Ltd will be streamed live from Rhos-on-Sea Bowling Club on Saturday 15th August.
The programme commences at 2.00pm on
Local hopes rest with Ben Gloag and Luke Guess

Harry Tomsett (Cumbria) v *Luke Boniface (Staffordshire)
Marc Armitage (Yorkshire) v Matthew Gill (Lancashire)
Jordan Jones (Potteries & District) v *Anthony Stochurski (North Midlands)
Jordan Bradbury (Warwick & Worcester) v *Bradley Bayliss (Derbyshire)
Liam Mercer (Greater Manchester) v Joe Langford (Wales)
*Stefan Kelly (Isle of Man) v *Jack Bushell (Cheshire)
*Ryan Walters (Merseyside) v *Aaron King (Shropshire)
Scott Galvin (North Lancs & Fylde) v Adam Blackwell (South Yorkshire)
Luke Guess (Derbyshire) v *Ben Stanway (Potteries & District)
*Billy Thornton (Cumbria) v *Ben Gloag (Greater Manchester)
Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) v *Callum Jeffery (South Yorkshire)
Jack Butler (Shropshire) v Mark Bushell (Cheshire)
Matthew Knowles-Cook (North Lancs & Fylde) v Natty Tonks (North Midlands)
*Kane Backhouse (Lancashire) v *Ieuan Pugh (Wales)
Jordan McDermott (Merseyside) v Kevin Stannard-Duke (Isle of Man)
*Joshua Mordue (Yorkshire) v Reece Farr (Staffordshire)
* Denotes County Merit Winner

Stockport Bowls Festival
Entrants for the individual competitions as follows (this is not the draw)

1. Wynn Thompson 2. Irene Costello 3. Brenda Thompson 4. Margaret Wyatt 5. June Crowther
6. Viv Hampton 7. Danielle Miller 8. Carol Morris 9. Janis Todman 10. Nora Cleary 11. Mill Lang
12. Pam Nixon 13. Kerri Lush 14. Meg Cunningham 15. Janet Proctor 16. Shirley Smith
17. Janice Wilson 18. Heather Walsh 19. Kay Bentley 20. Joan Holt 21. Marie Hopkinson
22. Michelle Sands 23. Julie Mee 24. Teresa O’Toole 25. Pauline Camp 26. Marilyn Fisk
27. Natasha Sands 28. Lil O’Donnell 29. Chris Kelly 30. Sue Beech 31. Liz Thomas 32. Alma Tallents

1. Graham Bingham 2. Peter Holt 3. John Keefe 4. Chris Barlow 5. Paul Garwood 6. Benny Scott
7. Geoff Standring 8. Jeff Lawrence 9. David Kerr 10. John Cunningham 11. Dave Little
12. Shaun Miller 13. Roger Miller 14. George Wood 15. Clint Crowther 16. David Tomlin
17. Steve Crowther 18. Graham Kiernan 19. Tom Danby 20. Daryl Wilbur 21. Colin Haine
22. Tony O’Donnell 23. Brian Sellars 24. Dave Thompson 25. Gary Hoof 26. Dave Durham
27. Alan Burton 28. Graham Allcock 29. Christopher Livesey 30. Trevor Lush 31. Brian Morris

1. Dave Bandey 2. Dave Little 3. John Keefe 4. George Wood 5. Bill Davies 6. Brian Pownall
7. David Wright 8. Doug Ralph 9. Brian Sellars 10. David Kerr 11. Daryell Wilbur 12. Alan Hoy
13. Michael Shaw 14. Peter Ellis 15. Malcolm Sims 16. Peter Fisk 17. Ken Hodder 18. Ian Stokes
19. Bernard Crichton 20. Mike Clancy 21. Peter Holt 22. Alan Burton 23. Geoff Standring
24. Kevin Chatterton 25. Martin Mullins 26. Pat Mullins 27. Brian Beech 28. Andrew Bebbington
29. Alan Collinge 31 Brian Griffiths 30. Brian Morris

1. Irene Costello 2. Liz Wilde 3. Joan Holt 4. Kath Curley 5. Joan Pickford 6. Anndoreen Stewart
7. Enid Monks 8. Marie Hopkinson 9. Meg Cunningham 10. Jackie Kerr 11. Lil O’Donnell
12. Marilyn Fisk 13. Pauline Camp 14. Janet Proctor 15. Lillian McDonough 16. Jean Grimes
17. Sylvia Hoy 18. Margaret Wyatt 19. Brenda Thompson 20. Win Thompson 21. Nora Cleary
22. Carol Morris 23. Sheila Corlett 24. Jacqui Hall 25. Teresa O’Toole 26. Pat Stringer
27. Ann Dennison 28. Doris Moores 29. Sheila Edwards 30. Yvonne Ellis 31. Anita Willoughby
32. Kay Bentley
Mark Sutton says :-
HI ALL, The dates for the Fallowfield bowling week have been agreed and although its been agreed to play the pairs on some of the same dates as the Houldsworth pairs we have spoken with Glen Beeley the organiser of the competion and feel that this week in October will be like a smaller version of the Fleetwood festival as players can play in 2 competitions and we can have 2 final days on different days and a one day 64 for a great charity of Epilepsy Awareness on the Saturday. Everyone can get a game in before the dreaded winter comes along and with that in mind here are the dates for the Fallowfield Bowling Week.

FALLOWFIELD PAIRS 2015 WON LAST YEAR BY MICHEAL HEAP & JACK MARROW WIGAN Qualifiers are as follows; SUNDAY 11th October 5pm Monday 12th October 6.30pm Tuesday 13th October 6.30pm Wednesday 14th October 6.30pm Final Sunday 18th October 5pm No 2 homesters to play togeather and no entries without a £20 cheque a which should be sent in the name of :-
Frank Warburton, 12 Linden Way, Droylesden, Manchester M43 6QJ

For any information please call 07702452810

EPILEPSY AWARENESS OPEN 64 Saturday 17th October 10am Start
We hope this one day event will be a huge success and places can be reserved by getting in contact with myself or Steve Squires Entries are £5 and have had big entries in the past and hope this will be no exception please support this event and lets show other sports that Bowling is a caring Sport.
The latest edition of BCGBA NEWS (10) can be viewed and/or downloaded from HERE

Previous editions can be viewed and/or downloaded from this link - HERE
The BCGBA Newsletters are published on an ad hoc basis.
Harriet Jackson Trophy at Glossop BC
Sunday 9th August
Joan Moran (Hyde) 21 Andy Murray (Glossop) 20
Losing semi finalists Paul Bunting (Hadfield) and Andy Dawson (Glossop)
Osprey Grange Classic
3rd Round results & Final day numbers
John Guess (Buxton) 21 Gerwyn Davies (Nth Wales) 05 Drew 10
John Dalziel (Liverpool) 21 Kevin Duncalf (Northwich) 19 Drew 14
Graeme Wison (Audenshaw) 21 Ryan Sandham (Wilmslow) 11 Drew 6
Dean Ferris (Denton) 21 Chris Mordue (Bradford) 17 Drew 4
Glynn Storer (Stafford) 21 Steve Ellis (Stockport) 18 drew 11
Jamie Bramley (Stockport) 21 Phil Clinton (Birmingham) 14 Drew 5
Craig Cartwight (Dudley) 21 Lee Kington (Birmingham) 09 drew 3
Bill Adshead
Semi Finals - Sunday 9th August 12 noon
Whaley Bridge v George & Dragon at Woodley Sports
Romiley Arms or H.W.M.C. 1 v Poynton Sports 1 at Navigation

Final Sunday 23rd August At Great Moor Sports & Social Club 12 noon
(Hot food will be available)
SUNDAY 9th AUGUST 6.00pm Qualifying Round (Practice 5.30pm) FULL
SUNDAY 16th AUGUST 6.00pm Qualifying Round (Practice 5.30pm)
SUNDAY 23th AUGUST 6.00pm Finals Night (Practice 5.30pm)
Winners Prize £200.00 & (Trophy), Runners up Prize £100.00
Semi Final Losers Prize £50.00
To enter please send your details including your name, club, address, preffered date and entrance fee of £10.00 per pair (Cheques made payable to WHBTS Club)
Entrances must be received before Sunday 2nd Aug 2015.
Mr E Tasker Bowling Section West Heaton Bowling Tennis, And Squash Club
Princes Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 3NQ
Email: ETASKER19UK@AOL.COM or Call 07546486098
The full five hour video from the BCGBA FLOWFIT Senior Individual Merit held at Florence BC is now available to view. Just click here on to see all the action from a day to remember.

Due to the length of the programme it may take a few minutes to load up.
Cheshire County Parks Vets
To be played on 16 August against East Midlands Vets
Cheshire Home Team first to be played at Victoria BC, Webb Lane, Stockport
1 Ivor Hulme V Kevin Kelly-Whalley
2 Keith Tonge V Phil May
3 Dave Pilsbury V Dave Fox
4 Dave Bandy V Cliff Robinson
5 Steve Crowther V Jim Bancroft
6 Frank Quigley V John Barnett
7 Brian Pownall V Alan Lewsley
8 Bernard Gregory V Brian Varty
9 Alan Campbell V Jim Shorthouse
10 Kevin Chatterton V Dave Brennan

Away Team play at St Peters Social Club, Netherseal, Sth Derbyshire, DE12 8DB
Cheshire Away Team first
1 Dave Wilson V Keith Widdowson
2 Graham Barrett V Terry Bosworth
3 Neil Adshead V Brian Turner
4 Arthur Bradley V Graham Jones
5 Doug Ralph V Steve Atkin
6 Kevin Wilson V Ron Wright
7 Dennis Evans V Ivor Gibbs
8 Paul Elliott V Alan Johnson
9 Peter Fisk V Graeme Bartter
10 Alan Hoy V Dave Redfern
Nursey's Andy Murray writes :-
My wife Amy is going to "Brave The Shave" for Macmillan Cancer Support. On the 30th August 2015 she is having her hair shaved and we are looking for some donations from all you kind bowlers. As a few of you are aware Amy is disabled and she struggles every day with her illnesses, but she has taken it upon herself to give something back to a very worthwhile charity. Amy is only trying to raise £250 but with your support I am hoping she can smash this total. There is a link at the bottom of this post if anyone could make a small donation it would be greatly appreciated.

You can go to Amy's blog page HERE to see why she's doing it and how you can donate if you could spare a couple of quid.

Lloyd Hotel Bowling Club Season 2015
The 38th David Lloyd Youth Competition
Total Prize Money £500 at The Lloyds Hotel,
Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AN
Saturday 19 September 2015, Starting at 10.30am Prompt, (Practise from 10.00am)
(Played on a round robin basis – All games 11up) Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final 21up off 5 (Homesters to concede 2 and jack)
Open to boys and girls aged 21 and under on the 31 December 2015
(Entry Fee £3.00) All entry fees must be paid within 14 days of entry being received
(Please state your age when entering)
Entries to:- Steven Ridley 23 Oakfield Avenue, Manchester, M16 0HS
Telephone Number:- 0161 881 0355 / 07985 515750 or
email or through the club website
Entries are also being taken by:- James Mills on 07799 474793
and Dave Phillips 07872 910607
Sponsored by the Lloyd Hotel Bowling Club, Tony Gatley, Dave Phillips, Mike Geraghty, Andy Buckley Plus Many Other Individual Donations
Hot and Cold Refreshments Available All Day
This event is approved by the BCGBA
Entries Close 16 September 2015
Houldsworth Working Mens Club
2015 Frank Beeley Trophy
Jack Hargreaves 20 v 31 Simon Coupe
Roger Morgan 23 v 31 John Davies
Graeme Wilson 31 v 19 Neil Grant
James Davidson 22 v 31 Gary Ellis

Simon Coupe 26 v 31 John Davies
Graeme Wilson 31 v 14 Gary Ellis

John Davies 31 v 28 Graeme Wilson
Cheshire Parks Vets County Match July 2015 Results v Yorkshire
Home team played at Houldsworth WMC
Cheshire names 1st
Ivor Hulme 13 Malcolm Fowler 21
Keith Tonge 21 John Glazzard 10
Barney Donohue 16 John Beverley 21
Arthur Bradley 21 Gerald Bromley 15
Dave Pilsbury 21 Micheal Armitage 9
Dave Wilson 21 Mick Skwarek 11
Frank Quigley 15 Frank Griffin 21
Jack Pickering 18 Mick Maguire 21
Bernard Gregory 21 Mike Kane 16
Alan Campbell 20 David Hemsley 21

Cheshire 187 Yorkshire 166

Away team played at Eccleshill BC Bradford
Cheshire names 1st
Neil Adshead 17 Mick Bastow 21
Dave Bandy 21 Stuart Watson 17
Graham Barrett 10 Angela Carter 21
Cliff Thickett 9 Rod Bastow 21
Kevin Wilson 6 Barry Turnbull 21
Dennis Evans 19 Graham Oliver 21
Paddy Ryan 17 Mario Biancardo 21
Brian Pownall 17 Dave Norris 21
Alan Hoy 21 Trevor Holiday 19
Peter Fisk 12 Dave Rankin 21

Cheshire 149 Yorkshire 204
There are just 2 vacancies in the Woodley Sports Open Pairs Comp this Sunday 26th July.
If you are interested please contact Clint Crowther on 07505 359353
10am Start
Chris Barlow/Chris Livsey v John Cunningham/Eddie Tasker
Bev Beeley/Gary Beeley v Leigh Smith and Partner
Maureen Little/Dave Little v Martin Davies/Tom Matthew
Julie Foster/Gill Sutton v Pamela Hinks /Becca Smith

Sue Hodder/Angela Spencer v Andy Jones /Gary Hoof
Teresa O 'Toole/Dave Simon v Space
Steve Foster/Mark Sutton v Robert Newton/Paul Bannister
Helen Moore/Liam Smith v Joan Moran/Paul Tootal

Lyne Gale/Terry Gale v Space
Andy Clews/Graham Bingham v Marie Mather/Darren Mather
Carol Morris/Anita Savage v Colin Allcock/Bernard Thorly
Jackie Dean/Anthony Dean v Nathan Warwick/Dean Ferris

Mark McHugh/Dennis Hinks v Jackie Gloag/Ben Gloag
Linda Tomlin/Dave Tomlin v Brenda Cameron/Malcom Cameron
Ian Stokes/Gary Horan v Dave Gwilliam/Graham McDermott
Alex Wolfenden/Nathan Dobson v Phil Homer/Paul Morris
Great Moor Open Floodlit 2015
There are still some vacancies in the Great Moor Open
Monday 5th October (4 spaces)
Tuesday 6th October (6 spaces)
Wednesday 7th October (13 spaces)
Thursday 8th October (8 spaces)
Entry is £10
Enter via email at: Tel: Jonathan Chapman on 07766202892 (Unable to answer 9am-6pm weekdays)
2015 Frank Beeley Trophy Final Day at Houldsworth WMC
Prize money £2080. Winner £500. Runner-Up £300. Semi-Finalist £200.
Quarter-Finalist £120. Last sixteen £50
Sunday 26th July. 5-30pm practice. 6pm start.
All final day games 31up off 3.

Jack Hargreaves v Simon Coupe
Roger Morgan v John Davies
Graeme Wilson v Neil Grant
James Davidson v Gary Ellis
Please come down and support this final day, scoreboards will be in operation, refreshments will be available and a bookmaker will be in attendance.
The BCGBA Senior Individual Merit sponsored by FLOWFIT will be streamed live from Florence Tennis & Bowling Club on Saturday 25th July. See all the action live from 2.00pm straight through to the presentation. The draw has been announced and it’s a top quality field. Can 9/2 Favourite Graeme Wilson repeat his 2000 victory at Florence Private ? Can Mike Leach roll back the years and lift the title 31 years after his 1984 success ? Can Matt Gilmore (2001) & Glynn Cookson (1997) lift the trophy for a second time ?. Can previous Runners Up – Peter Farmer (2005), Andy Moss (1999) & Terry Glover (2008) go one better ?

It promises to be another great day of Crown Green Bowls.
Admission is £10 & play commences at 10.00am.
The Programme will be produced by GLOBEGIG MEDIA TV and will be FREE TO VIEW thanks to funding from the BCGBA and sponsors. The programme is due to commence at 2.00pm simply click on the link below to see all the action.
All England
The latest edition of BCGBA NEWS (09) can be viewed and/or downloaded
HARRIET JACKSON Trophy at Glossop Bowling Club
Sunday 9th August 2015 Start 11:00 a.m
This competition is open to both male and female members of clubs belonging to the Longdendale Bowling League, also residents of Glossop. Ladies +3 Homesters -2 Entry fee: £ 5.00
All monies paid out on the day, There will also be a cash prize for the best Lady bowler. To enter please contact Andy Dawson on 07594 551939 or email
Adshead Quarter Finals
Sunday 26th July, 12 noon start
Cheadle Cons 1 +48 v Whaley Bridge +24 at Crown
Waggon & Horses 1+ 8 v George & Dragon 1+ 4 at TBA
Romiley Arms +12 v HWMC 1 scr at Nursery
Poynton Sports 1 +2 v Great Moor 2 + 50 at Cheadle Cons
£1140 Thwaites West Heaton Invitational
Last 16
Carl Armitage 21 Daniel Jones 8
Callum Wraight 21 Chris Barlow 13
Jamie Bramley 21 Tommy Johnstone 14
Phil Lee 21 Lee Brown 11
Matty Gilmore 21 Paul Bailey 9
Neil Grant 21 Chris Livesey 12
Kerry Morris 21 Darren Plenderleith 10
Craig Ramell 21 Stuart Meddings 13

Quarter Finals
Carl Armitage 21 Callum Wraight 19
Phil Lee 21 Jamie Bramley 11
Matty Gilmore 21 Neil Grant 19
Kerry Morris 21 Craig Ramell 13

Semi Finals
Phil Lee 21 Carl Armitage 8
Matty Gilmore 21 Kerry Morris 15

Matty Gilmore 21 Phil Lee 20
Longdendale Presidents Handicap
Quarter Finals
Pete Thomas 15 Andy Murray 21
Phil Mellor 11 John Hignett 21
Mike Gee 12 Chris Barlow 21
Wayne Cheetham 20 Phil Homer 21

Semi Finals
Andy Murray 10 John Hignett 21
Chris Barlow 21 Phil Homer 12

Johhn Hignett 21 Chris Barlow 19
North Derbyshire v East Midlands Parks - Sunday 19th July, 2pm
Home leg at Peakdale:
1. Richard Peach v Rich Goldby
2. Chris Adams v Dave Garner
3. Paul Bradley v Rikki Higgs
4. Steve Barber v Rich Worthington
5. Matt Bradwell v Naz Worthington
6 Paul Dooley v Andy Thompson
7. Dave Mycock v Colin Belcher
8. Tim Norton v James Southern
9. Craig Shore v Brian Jordan
10 Richard Briddon v Lewis Belcher
11. John Golpin v Tim Barnett
12. Jon Guess v Neil Desmond

Away leg at Stretton:
1. Paul Stretton v Dale Spragg
2. Brian Smith v Martin Turner
3. Matt Milsom v Scott Palmer
4.Wally Redfern v Lee Davies
5. Daz Carter v Jamie Hardy
6. Andy Fearn v Chris Knighton
7. Paul Chamberlain v Dean Holloway
8. Steve Adams v Russell Palmer
9. Rob Sweet v Nathan Broom
10. Jason Anguish v Darren Shaw
11. John Dewey v Andrew Spragg
12. Matt Kelly-Walley v Brad Massey
Frank Beeley Trophy
Sunday 12th July 2015
2nd Round
Paul Dooley 18 v 21 Simon Coupe
Dave Walker 5 v 21 Grant Soller
Chris Livesey 21 v 12 John Gurney
Neil Bithell 19 v 21 Roger Morgan

3rd Round
Simon Coupe 21 v 16 Grant Soller
Chris Livesey 2 v 21 Roger Morgan
Bowls in Stockport has received another huge boost with a massive open competition launched. The event sponsored by Thwaites Brewery will take place this Sunday at West Heaton Bowling and Tennis Club in Hetaon Moor.The club has never hosted such an event which has taken nearly 12 months of planning for Eddie Tasker, Jimmy Parker and several others. The venue is regarded as a bit of a hidden gem which until now has been unseen by the country’s top players.

A high quality field of 32 with some of the country's big names invited should make for a top days play. The prize pot on the day is in excess of £1100 with plenty to play for every bowl will count. The venue will also provide hot/cold food and refreshments all day with a bookmaker and scoreboards in operation. Many of the players have been invited down by Jimmy Parker including some from Birmingham who may not have often been in the Stockport area. Entry is by programme on the day with practice from 9am and play underway at 10am. The venue itself is located on Princes Road near Tythe Barn School in Heaton Moor and has a car park for those visiting.

The following players are entered on the day with two representatives from Stockport also involved. Martin Gilpin (Kendal), Ian Nicholson (Kendal), Matt Gatley (Warrington), Chris Livesey (Northern Etchells), Darren Plenderleith (Burton), Suart Meddings (Birmingham), Carl Fielding (Birmingham), Noel Burrows (Sale), Greg Smith (Birmingham), Ryan Prosser (Birmingham), Barry Booth (Potteries), Ben Harris (Birmingham), Tommy Johnstone (Poynton), Elliot Mcguinness (Birmingham), Lee Brown (Stoke), Matt Gilmore (Wirral), Paul Bailey (Sheffield), John Bailey (North Wales), Daniel Jones (North Wales), Carl Armitage (Warrington), Callum Wraight (Shrewsbury), Kerry Morris (Stoke), Dan Petcher (Burton), Michael Heap (Wigan), Craig Rammell (Accrington), Luke Davies (Wolverhampton), Ian Hazelhurst (Tranmere), Jamie Bramley (Stockport), Chris Barlow (Stockport), Mike Tunstall (Richmond), Thomas Dennison (Burton In Kendal), Phil Lee (Richmond)
Bill Wildman Pairs
T Heyes & A Sholes 19 v M Conner & B Mee 21
K Byers & F Dann 21 v I Hadfield & A Tetlow 17
P Homer & I Hulme 21 v D Hinks & K Shufflebotham 17
S Crowther & A Hoy 21 v D Owen & J Chapman 15

Semi Finals
M Conner & B Mee 14 v K Byers & F Dann 21
I Hulme & P Homer 18 v A Hoy & S Crowther 21

K Byers & F Dann 9 v A Hoy & S Crowther 21
Our three newarest county sides were drawn in the same Endsleigh Senior County group this season. Going into today's final group games, Derbyshire looked favourites to make the Semi Finals after victories over Greater Manchester and Cumbria. To prgress Cheshire had to not only beat Derbyshire but overturn a 30 chalk deficit. Derbyshire picked their banker Stretton No2 green, whilst Cheshire went to Knutsford BC.

At Stretton
Derbyshire Versus Cheshire
Brian Smith Stretton Anglesey 16 Steve Morrey Queens Park 21
Dave May Stretton Anglesey 11 Glynn Cookson Wharton Cons 21
Darren Carter Stretton Anglesey 18 Dave O'Brien Castle Private 21
Calvin Jackson Alvaston & Boulton 15 James Harrop Wharton Cons 21
Neil Worthington Stretton Anglesey 21 Danny Nixon Wharton Cons 10
Jason Anguish Stretton Anglesey 21 Phil Davies St Oswald's 14
Conor Chamberlain Stretton Anglesey 21 Andy Hamman Castle Private 11
Andy Thompson Swadlincote Catholics 21 Ian Howell Castle Private 18
Matt Kelly-Wally Stretton Anglesey 14 Tom Vickers Wharton Cons 21
Paul Chamberlain Stretton Anglesey 21 Simon Cookson Wharton Cons 20
John Dewey Belvedere 17 Paul Mackie Castle Private 21
Paul Stretton Belvedere 21 Matt Thurlwell Comberbach BC 9

At Knutsford
Cheshire Versus Derbyshire
Carl Armitage (C) Houldsworth WMC 21 Paul Bradley Burbage 17
Jason Cornes Castle Private 21 Richard Peach Burbage 14
Lee Fletcher Lloyd Hotel 3 Dan Petcher Netherseal 21
Dave Penketh St Oswald's 18 Jon Guess Burbage 21
Tommy Johnstone Houldsworth WMC 21 Lee Davies Old Whittingham 11
Jimmy Harrison St Oswald's 13 Gareth Nash Marehay 21
Ryan Sandham Lloyd Hotel 21 Chris Adams Burbage 9
Noel Burrows Sale Excelsior 21 Paul Hawker Whaley Bridge 14
Michael McDonnell Lloyd Hotel 21 John Golpin Whaley Bridge 12
Rob Winnington Castle Private 21 Steve Barber Chapel Park 3
Paul Dooley Lloyd Hotel 21 Ed Furniss Rowditch 13
Lee Johnstone Houldsworth WMC 21 Tim Barnett Swadlincote Catholics 17

Cheshire 431 Derbyshire 390
Longdendale qualifier wins Derbyshire Merit
Congratulations to New Mills Steve Barber who lifted the Derbyshire Merit on Sunday at
High Lane Conservative Club beating Alvaston & Boulton's Adam Hartley 21-15

Quarter Finals
Darren Carter 21 Rob Treece 9
Adam Hartley 21 Ed Furniss 14
Richard Gill 21 Ian Brown 13
Steve Barber 21 Lewis Belcher 19

Semi Finals
Carter 20 Hartley 21
Gill 14 Barber 21

Hartley 15 Barber 21
The Knowles Trophy at Peak Dale Bowling Club
Open Mixed Pairs Sposored by LAFARGE/TARMAC
Saturday 4th July. Open to first 32 Pairs who pay the £5 per pair
Entrance fee 16 pairs down to 4 at 10:30am 16 pairs down to 4 at 2pm
Last 8 to start at 6:30pm
Winners to share £140 Plus Trophy - Runners Up to share £60
Prize money for the last 4 pairs (Prize money dependant on entries)
Entries complete with entrance fee to Abigail Eaton, 2 Batham Gate Road, Peak Dale . Tel 07929 084460 or Callum Briddon, 2 Church Avenue, Peakdale. Tel 07932 874986
Cheshire Merit
Quarter Finals
Tom Vickers 21 v 9 Lee Johnstone
Michael McDonnell 21 v 15 Robert Winnington
Glynn Cookson 21 v 10 Phil Cookson
Arthur West 7 v 21 Steve Morrey

Semi Finals
Tom Vickers 21 v 18 Michael McDonnell
Glynn Cookson 21 v 9 Steve Morrey

Tom Vickers 21 v 19 Glynn Cookson
Metro Taxis Nursery Classic
Final - Saturday 4th July

Matt Hill v Jack Hargreaves
David Read v Chris Adams
Simon Cookson v John Dalziel
Lewis Scott v Paul Bradley

Practice from 5:30 Matches start at 6pm,
31 up, 5 on the card.
There will be a BBQ on the night courtesy of Andy Proctor.
2015 Frank Beeley Trophy
Sunday 28th June

2nd Round
John Hignett 5 v 21 Gary Ellis
Paul Heap 15 v 21 Chris Kelly
Gareth Gwilliam 17 v 21 John Davies
Matt Gillies 21 v 20 Steve Baskerville

3rd Round
Gary Ellis 21 v 20 Chris Kelly
John Davies 21 v 17 Matt Gillies
Cheshire Vets County match played on 21 June against North Staffordshire
Home leg at The Nursery BC
Cheshire Home Team 1st
Ivor Hulme 21 Mel Wood 10
Keith Tonge 21 John Parkin 20
Barney Donohoe 21 Bob Twigg 06
Dave Pilsbury 20 Roy Tansley 21
Graham Barrett 21 John Skelding 13
Arthur Bradley 21 Roy Tideswell 15
Frank Quigley 21 John Alcock 11
Jack Pickering 21 Harry Walklett 20
Bernard Gregory 21 Dave Evans 08
Alan Campbell 21 Tony Chesters 18
Result 209 142

Away Leg at London Road Bowling Club
Away Team 1st
Brian Pownall 09 Brian Clarence 21
Dave Bandy 21 John Mountford 12
Dave Wilson 20 Melvin Bourne 21
Peter Fisk 21 Dave West 15
Kevin Wilson 21 Peter Clewlow 14
Cliff Thickett 21 Kevin Stretch 13
Paddy Ryan 18 Richard Schmidt 21
Kevin Chatterton 13 Fred Donaldson 21
Paul Elliott 14 Phil Clarke 21
Alan Hoy 19 Harry Minor 21
Result 177 180
Overall win for Cheshire by 64 chalks.
George Ridley Mixed Pairs £500 Competition - Saturday 4 July.
Lloyd Hotel Bowling Club Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AN
D Jackson & J McGee v W Ditchfield & J Green
A McDermott & R Grinngle v P Barlow & A Young
Gary Beeley & B Beeley v M Geraghty & D Conliffe
T Gale & L Gale v B Gloag & Partner

S Ainscough & S Davis v D Phillips & C Howarth
L Consterdine & Partner v D Carter & D Hodge
L Johnstone & K Galvin v J Gloag & D Gwilliam
A Murray & J.Wilby v G Whitehead & L Davis

S Lawson & R Lawson v D Leigh & B Elliott
P Smith & C Wall v D McDermott & J Gardner
C Butler & P Lee v P Hawker & E Mosley
L Bleakley & C Bleakley v A Hawker & A Hawker

L Cox & M McDonnell v T Mainwaring & A Ridley
S Wooding & B Mitchell v D Cargill & P Davies
M Sutton & G Sutton v Mr Kelly & Mrs Kelly
C McGuigan & C Hough v J Hambleton & S .McCormack

2015 Cheshire Junior Merit.
At Crosstown Bowling Club. Chelford Road, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 8LY
Sunday 28th June, 12 noon start.
Entries are urgently required for this competition.
Please message Cheshire on Facebook or via the contact page on the Cheshire website.
The 2015 Cheshire Merit.
Sunday 28th June. 10-30am Start.
Knutsford Bowling Club. Mereheath Lane, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 6SL.
1st Round.
Chris Talbot (Macclesfield) v Tom Vickers (Mid Cheshire)
Chris Koral (Frodsham) v Terry Norman (Knutsford)
Ian Smith (Chester) v Barry Ellams (Frodsham)
Lee Johnstone (Stockport) v Mike Heald (Alderley)
Noel Burrows (Alderley) v Michael McDonnell (Altrincham)
Liam Smith (Stockport) v Paul Mackie (Mid Cheshire)
Jason Cornes (Mid Cheshire) v Robert Winnington (Mid Cheshire)
Lee Cadman (Knutsford) v Dale Booth (Sandbach)
Robert Eaton (Knutsford) v David Ford (Macclesfield)
Glynn Cookson (Mid Cheshire) v Tommy Johnstone (Stockport)
Paul Dean (Knutsford) v Phil Cookson (Mid Cheshire)
Neil Snodgrass (Frodsham) v Craig McGuigan (Altrincham).

2nd Round.
Ken Houghton (Macclesfield) v Arthur West (Altrincham)
Steve Morrey (Sandbach) v Gerald Merry (Frodsham)
Bill Wildman Pairs Final - Monday 6th July at Crown 1pm
M Conner & B Mee
K Byers & F Dann
I Hadfield & A Tetlow
D Hinks & K Shufflebotham
P Homer & I Hulme
T Heyes & A Sholes
D Owen & J Chapman
S Cowther & A Hoy
Adshead Plate Round 3
Grange 1 64 v Cheadle Cons 1 48 at L.M.R.C.A Thursday 9th July
Woodley Sports 1 26 v Whaley Bridge 24 at Hazel Grove Tuesday 7th July
Waggon & Horses 1 8 v Great Moor 3 74 at Victoria Tuesday 7th July
Great Moor 1 28 v George & Dragon1 4 at Nursery Tuesday 7th July
Romiley Arms 12 v Bungalow 52 at Navigation Tuesday 7th July
Stockport CC. 72 v HWMC.1 0 at Grange Tuesday 7th July
Poynton Sports 1 2 v Hazel Grove 44 at High Lane Tuesday 7th July
Friendship 1 66 v Great Moor 2 50 at Stockport CC Tuesday 7th July .

Quarter Finals - Sunday 26th July
Semi Finals - Sunday 9th August
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH 2015 AT 10.00 am
Sponsored by QualitySolicitors Abney Garsden
32 entries @ £6 per couple (Married only!) Winners £100.
Ladies to lead at all times.
Refreshments, Bar, Raffle.
Entries to Joan Holt – Contact - 07713742252 or
Derbyshire Merit
Final Day Sunday 28th June, starting at 11am
At High Lane Conservative Club

ROB TREECE Rolls Royce v PAUL WALTON Hope Construction
DAVE REDFERN Alvaston & Boulton v DAVE GREGORY Birch Hall
PETER CONWAY South Manchester RBL v ADAM HARTLEY Alvaston & Boulton
DAVE RIGBY South Manchester RBL v ED FURNISS Rowditch
ANDY SPRAGG Old Whittington v IAN BROWN Stretton Anglesey
DAVE MAY Stretton Anglesey v ALAN HOY Woodley Sports
WALLY REDFERN Swadlincote Catholics v TONY BATCHELDER Marehay
JOHN DEWEY Belvedere v CLIVE LOMAS Whaley Bridge
ANDY FEARN Swadlincote Catholics v CRAIG PEARSON Rowditch
STEVE BARBER Chapel Park v MATT MILSOM Netherseal
Nursery Classic
Sat 6th June
Round 2
C Kelly 21 A Lancaster 4
M Hill 21 K O'Shea 11
R Clark 21 M Sims 10
T Gatley 11 J Hargreaves 21

Round 3
C Kelly 20 M Hill 21
R Clark 19 J Hargreaves 21
Cheshire County Parks Vets v Potteries
Sunday 21st June
Home Venue - Nursery Bowling Club, Green Lane, Heaton Norris, SK4 2NA
1 Ivor Hulme Friendship V Mel Wood Fenton Private
2 Keith Tonge Hazel Grove B&T V John Parkin Clough Hall
3 Barney Donohoe Houldsworth Wmc V Bob Twigg Dilhorne
4 Dave Pilsbury Hazel Grove B&T V Roy Tansley Pittshill Vic
5 Graham Barratt Nursery Bc V John Skelding Clough Hall
6 Arthur Bradley Sth Reddish Park V Roy Tideswell Westlands
7 Frank Quigley Crown Bc V Dave Edge Dilhorne
8 Jack Pickering Crown Bc V Harry Walklett Westlands
9 Bernard Gregory Nursery Bc V Dave Evans Fenton Private
10 Alan Campbell Sth Reddish Park V Tony Chesters Alsager Inst.

Res: Doug Ralphs, Peter Ellis, Jack Pickering

Away Venue - London Road Bc, London Road, Newcastle, ST5 1LZ
1 Brian Pownall Crown Bc V Brian Clarence Clough Hall
2 Dave Bandy Victoria Bc V John Mountford Clough Hall
3 Dave Wilson Houldsworth Wmc V Melvin Bourne London Rd BC
4 Peter Fisk Navigation Bc V Dave West Alsager Inst.
5 Kevin Wilson Ladybridge Park V Peter Clewlow Milton Rec
6 Cliff Thickett Victoria Bc V Kevin Stretch Milton Rec
7 Paddy Ryan Sth Reddish Park V Richard Schmidt Milton Rec
8 Kevin Chatterton Gt Moor Bc V Fred Donaldson Clough Hall
9 Paul Elliott Gt Moor Bc V Phil Clarke Florence BC
10 Alan Hoy Navigation Bc V Harry Minor Clough Hall

Res: Irving Cummings, Ian Sherry
Latest BCGBA Newsletter HERE
Wilmslow British Legion winning The Joe Broadhurst "Clic Sargent"
Charity Pairs Competition.

Qtr Finals
Andy Murray & Jack Holland 21 Vicky Cragg & Sue Bellamy 9
Terry Norman & Dave Jackson 21 Roger Morgan & Steve Baskerville 16
Gary Taylor & Tim Hulme 21 Dave Ford & Kevin Williams 17
Dave Baskerville & Dave Leigh 21 Debbie Gittens & Mike Gittens 18

Semi Finals
Andy Murray & Jack Holland 21 Terry Norman & Dave Jackson 13
Dave Baskerville & Dave Leigh 21 Gary Taylor & Tim Hulme 9

Andy Murray & Jack Holland 21 Dave Baskerville & Dave Leigh 16
Woodley Sports Bowling Club, Lambeth Grove, Woodley SK6 1QX
Are holding an open day on Sunday 7th June 10am - 4pm
Bowls will be provided,free parking
Bring the family
All ages welcome.
Refreshments Available
For more information contact Clint Crowther on 07505 359353
Navigation & Railway Open Doubles
Semi Finals
A Daykin & A Sorsby 21 A Whittaker & M Hobson 15
L Scott & J Bonatti 21 S Tyler & D Nixon 8

L Scott & J Bonatti 21 A Daykin & A Sorsby 18
Freddie Hulme Memorial Trophy
Semi Finals
Jamie Bramley 21 Jack Hargreaves 8
Gary Ellis 21 Dean Ferris 15

Gary Ellis 21 Jamie Bramley 15
The Derbyshire County Junior Merit takes place next Sunday, 31st May at
Whaley Bridge BC, off Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge, SK23 7HQ
Start and Scratch is 12.00 Midday Entry is £2.00 per player.
Entries accepted on the day. Dress code is applicable.
Open to all Junior Male and Females under 18 year's of age before 1st January 2015,
and eligible to play for the Derbyshire County Junior team.
Draw for the Joe Broadhurst Clic Sargent Pairs to be held at
Wilmslow Royal British Legion on the 31st May starting at 10 am.

10 am Session (Prompt)
J. Garratt & P. Garratt v D. Hill & C. Bailey
A. Murray & J. Holland v R. Crawshaw & M. Mellor
S. Broadhurst & V. Cragg v R. West & P. Fields
D.Norman & V. Boughey v C. Lamon & C. Rosser

10.30 am Session (Approx)
P. Dooley & C. Talbot v M. Norman & J. Magee
J. Garratt Jnr & J. Lester v R. Morgan & S. Baskerville
G. Coldwell & P. Yapp v D. Hilme & J. Hardman
T. Norman & D. Jackson v C. Nelson & P. Nelson

11 am Session (Approx)
G. Taylor & T. Hulme v D. Blunt & R. Hardman
G.A Howson & S. Davies v S. Cook & M. McDonnell
J. Caveney & D. Caveney v D. Ford & K. Williams
J. Goodier & P. Goodier v P. Johnstone & T. Johnstone

11.30 am Session (Approx)
M. Bacon & J. Hignett v K. Heald & P. Oldham
G.N Howson & J. Arundel v D. Gittens & M. Gittens
J. Bardsley & D. Bardsley v A. Barlow & P. Barlow
D. Baskerville & D. Leigh v C. Brereton & B. Allcock
Longdendale Merit
Last 8
S Barber 21 M Bacon 13
P Conway 21 A Hoy 7
J Davies 21 D Rigby 19
C Barlow 18 J Hignett 21

Semi Finals
John Hignett 21 J Davies 6
Steve Barber 21 Pete Conway 11

John Hignett 21 Steve Barber 10

Derbyshire Merit Qualifiers
Steve Barber, Pete Conway, Alan Hoy, Chris Barlow, Dave Rigby
North Derbyshire Merit
Last 8
P Hawker 21 J Guess 17
C Allcock 14 C Shore 21
P Bradley 21 P Burns 13
C Adams 19 J M Chapman 21

Semi Finals
P Hawker 6 C Shore 21
P Bradley 21 J M Chapman 17

C Shore 11 P Bradley 21

Derbyshire Merit Qualifiers
C Shore, P Bradley & J M Chapman
Cheshire Merit - Stockport Area Qualifier
Waggon & Horses
Qualifying games
Lee Johnstone 21 v 10 Jim McGurk.
Darren Sergeant 11 v 21 Liam Smith.
Tommy Johnstone 21 v 08 Darren Burgess.

Cheshire Merit Final day at Knutsford BC
Sunday 28th June 2015 10-30am start

Bill Adshead - Round 2

Reminder for those who have entered the Longdendale Merit. It is this Saturday, 23rd May at the George & Dragon, start and strike out is 11am. BCGBA dress code does apply.
Entries now being taken for the Cheshire Merit Stockport Qualifier on Saturday 23rd May, 11am start & strike out at the Waggon & Horses. Players must be registered in a Stockport League. The final this year will be held at Knutsford Bowling Club, Mereheath Lane , Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6SL, on Sunday 28th June 2015 10-30am start. Entry into the Cheshire Merit is £4, Please contact Jim McGurk via the usual channels.
Bramhall Village Club are looking for new members for their 'C' team to play in the 4th division in the Stockport Metro Short Mat Bowling League.The season runs from September to March.There is also social bowling available.

Anyone interested please contact Chris on 0161 483 7023.
County Parks
Sunday 17th May - 2pm Start

Cheshire v South Yorkshire

Cheshire Team At Home At Ladybridge
1 Andy Clews V Richard Atkins
2 Eddie Tasker V Ross Meese
3 John Wrigley V Chris Kelly
4 Mick Davies V Sam Day
5 Jeff Lawance V Ernie Wearing
6 Michel Dawson V Mick Hobson
7 Mick Edgerton V Dean Missere
8 Dave Hewitt V Mark Barlow
9 Paul Wrigley V Mark Crawshaw
10 Howard Thomas V Ryan Clark
11 Andy Spedding V Andy Whittaker
12 Mark Millen V Craig Hill

Cheshire Team Away At Wadsley House Social Club
1 Kevin Walsh V Matt Beever
2 Adam Smith V Joe Westell
3 Shaun Miller V Chris Hill
4 John Cunningham V Steve Lonia
5 Rodger Miller V Peter Worfolk
6 Ben Scott V Matt Whittaker
7 Gary Heapy V Mick Crawshaw
8 Darren Sargeant V Mark Johnston
9 Jamie Evans V Paul Wildgoose
10 John Chapman V Jack Clarke
11 Gary Horan V Andy Turner
12 Bob Hamnett V Gary Ainley

North Derbyshire v Greater Manchester

Away Venue: Sale Excelsior
1. John Davies v Paul Dooley
2. Lee Fletcher v Chris Adams
3. Dave Walker v Richard Peach
4. Chris Alderson v Paul Bradley
5. Chris Morrison v Matt Bradwell
6. Andy Murray v John Golpin
7. Mike Geraghty v Craig Shore
8. Steve Wooding v Richard Briddon
9. Ryan Sandham v Dave Mycock
10. Craig McGuigan v John P.Hall
11. Billy Hibbert v Steve Barber
12. Michael McDonnell v Jonathan Guess

Home Venue: Dronfield Woodhouse, Sheffield.
1. Tim Holt v Dale Spragg
2. Paul Leah v Scott Palmer
3. Lee Turner v Bradley Massey
4. Nigel Greenhalgh v Lee Davies
5. Graham Law v Jamie Hardy
6. Tom Eccles v Chris Knighton
7. Jimmy Hynes v Steve Beddoe
8. Clive Chapman v Darren Shaw
9. Jamie Bramley v Martin Turner
10. Nicky Brooks v Nathan Broom
11. Roger Morgan v Brian Hill
12. Tony Mellor v Andrew Spragg
Metro Taxis Nursery Classic 2015
There are 5 vacancies on 20 June and 1 on 27 June.
Contact Irving on 0161 483 8115

6 June 2015 Start 6pm - 21up
C Kelly v J Towey
A Lancaster v A Sorsby
J Gatley v M Hill
T Lowndes v K O'Shea
R Clark v N White
M Fellows v M Sims
T Gatley v B Robinson
J Hargreaves v C Wraight

13 June 2015 Start 6pm - 21up
I Moore v D Bennett
L Lawton v P Leah
S Goodwin v K Ellis
N Brown v P Bradley
B Phillips v J Dalziel
B Welsby v J Guess
G I Wilson v C Armitage
Dean Ferris v D Skarth

20 June 2015 Start 6pm - 21up
N Tideswell v Bye
C Lane v Bye
L Scott v A Millsom
T Norman v G Hoof
D Beardsmore v Bye
D Smith v Bye
C Adams v M Budworth
S Barber v Bye

27 June 2015 Start 6pm - 21 up
M Ferris v Glen Beeley
M Ogiliev v M Richardson
J Hambleton v S Cookson
D Burgess v S Waring
L Turner v C Talbot
A Murray v D Read
A Daykin v P Hawker
D Jackson v Bye

Last 8 11 July 2015 Start 6pm - 31up
Cheshire Vets County match to be played 17th May 2015
Home match to be played at Crown Hotel,
Great Moor, Stockport, SK2 7 JB

1 Ivor Hulme Friendship BC v Robert Thompson Stocksbridge BC
2 Keith Tonge Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis v John Gambon Hillsborough
3 Brian Lowe Ladybridge Park v Malcolm Foweather Stocksbridge BC
4 Doug Ralph Shaw Heath Park v Graham Morfitt Whiteley Woods
5 Peter Ellis Shaw Heath Park v Graham Wassell Whiteley Woods
6 Frank Quigley Crown BC v Les Walker Ecclefield
7 Dave Pilsbury Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis v John Crawshaw Bradfield
8 Neill Adshead Friendship BC v Mel Hobson Meersbrook BC
9 Dennis Evans Crown BC v Graham Richardson Crookesmoor
10 Graham Barrett Nursery BC v David Mallinson Millhouses

Away match to be played at Meersbrook Park,
Meersbrook Park Road, Sheffield, S8 9FP

1 Brian Pownall Crown BC v Steve Marshall Stocksbridge BC
2 Dave Wilson Houldsworth WMC v Frank Woodhead Meersbrook BC
3 Dave Bandy Victoria BC v Graham Bland Meersbrook BC
4 Kevin Wilson Ladybridge Park v Pete Richardson Stocksbridge BC
5 Arthur Bradley South Reddish Park v Dave Denton Stocksbridge BC
6 Paul Elliott Great Moor BC v Harry Mellor Stocksbridge BC
7 Paddy Ryan South Reddish BC v Des Emsell Bradfield
8 Alan Campbell South Reddish Park v John Athey Stocksbridge BC
9 Kevin Chatterton Great Moor BC v Phil Smedley Davy BC
10 Alan Hoy Navigation BC v David Hallam Millhouses
Glossop BC Open - Bank Holiday Monday
Semi Finals
Andy Murray (Glossop) 15 - Chris Livesey 21
Ben Gloag (Woodley) 20-21 Paul Hawker

Chris Livesey (Wythenshawe) 21 - 16 Paul Hawker (Whaley Bridge) 16
Woodley Spring Classic Final

G. Hughes 14 C. Flattley 21
A. Cairns 21 A. Steele 20
D. Jackson 9 D. Ferris 21
A. Spragg 6 C. Wraight 21
J. Bramley 21 P. Williams 13
G. Hunt 21 D.Holt 19
M. O'Neil 18 C. Richardson 21
G. Gwilliam 21 M. Gilmore 17

Last 8
C. Flattley 17 A. Cairns 21
D. Ferris 21 C. Wraight 11
J. Bramley 18 G. Hunt 21
C. Richardson 9 G. Gwilliam 21

Semi Finals
A. Cairns 21 D. Ferris 17
G. Hunt 21 G. Gwilliam 17

A. Cairns 21 G. Hunt 18
Bowlers are needed to play on Tuesday nights in the Altrincham & South Manchester League for Didsbury Bowling Club.
All enquiries to club secretary Gary Herbert on 07590 193004
Open Competitions at Stalybridge & Dukinfield Recreation B.C
24th May 2015
Open MIXED Pairs Event starting @ 12noon.
32 Limit. Pairs entering from same club will be kept apart in 1st Round.
Entry Fee : £6 per pair.

28th June 2015
Open TRIPLES Event KO starting @ 10:30am
Any combination triple. Looking to acheive a 32 team start in which case it will be a timed event.
Entry Fee : £9 per team please send a contact tel no. with entry.
Entries to John Pajak at
Glossop BC - Open on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May @ 10am
Due to late cancellations there are now 2 places to fill. If you want to play, please contact Andy Dawson 07594551939. Entry only £5.
Cheshire Parks get their 2015 campaign underway on Sunday afternoon with their home leg at Great Moor Social Club against the mighty Yorkshire. Excellent venue and green and all support would be appreciated. The matches are off at 2pm, with the club open all day for refreshments.
Rolls Royce (Derbyshire) 125 v 150 M&B Cheslyn Hay (Staffordshire)
Thongsbridge (Yorkshire) 155 v 121 Meole Brace (Shropshire)
Kings Heath Park (Warwick & Worcester) 141 v 140 Dudley Dell (Staffordshire)
Lloyd Hotel (Cheshire) 143 v 142 Stretton Anglesey (Derbyshire)

M&B Cheslyn Hay (Staffordshire) 138 v 150 Thongsbridge (Yorkshire)
Kings Heath Park (Warwick & Worcester) 138 v 147 Lloyd Hotel (Cheshire)

Thongsbridge (Yorkshire) 162 v 119 Lloyd Hotel (Cheshire)
Chris Kelly 21 Ben Phillips 7
Andy Cairns 21 Lee Fletcher 11
Andy Sorsby 21 Roger Morgan 17
Richard Jackson 17 Mike Geraghty 21
Andy Spragg 20 Graham Law 21
Jack Clarke 20 Dave Phillips 21
James Davison 21 Ryan Sandham 14
Nick White 21 Mike McDonnell 10
Woodley Spring Classic
Sunday 19th April Qualifiers
P. Williams 21 D. Mallinson 18
C. Wraight 21 J. Williamson 6
C.Flattley 21 T.Batchelder 18
D. McDermott 15 G. Hunt 21

Draw for the final day

G. Hughes v C. Flattley
A.Cairns v A. Steele
D. Jackson v D. Ferris
A. Spragg v C. Wraight
J. Bramley v P. Williams
G. Hunt v D. Holt
M .O'Neil v C. Richardson
G. Gwilliam v M. Gilmore
Details of this year's Stockport Bowls Festival
Woodley Spring Classic
Sunday 12th April Qualifiers
D. Holt 21 M. Bennett 11
G. Gwilliam 21 P. Dudley 16
M. Gilmore 21 M. Ferris 16
M. O'Neil 21 D. Gwilliam 18
There will be free coaching sessions at Poynton Sports starting at 10 am on the next 3 saturday's 11th, 18th and 25th April.

All welcome and bowls will be provided if needed
Freddie Hulme Memorial Trophy.
At Houldsworth WMC. Leamington Road, Reddish, Stockport. SK5 6BD.

£1100 Prize Money.
One Day 32
Bank Holiday Monday.
25th May 2015.
Practice 9-00am to 10-25am.
Start 10-30am.
Entry Fee £25.
Win one game for £25

Contact Billy Smyth on 07784 808554
All telephone entries to be paid within 14 days.
Cheques to be made out to G Beeley and please post to:-
William Smyth
104 Lumb Lane
M34 5GP
Woodley Sports Bowling Club Open Pairs Competition
Sunday 26th July staggered start from 1
0 am 1 day
32 entries @ £10 per pair Men’s Ladies or Mixed Pairs can enter.
All entries to be in by Sunday 12th July.
No homesters unless draw isn’t full. Please Note : No money no entry.
Entries to Clint Crowther Mob – 07505359353
Cheques are payable to (C Crowther) within 14 days of entry,and sent to
Clint Crowther 47 Brookfield Avenue Bredbury Stockport SK6-1DF
Annual Charity Game
Easter Monday, 6th April 2015 @ 11am
At Glossop BC, North Road, Glossop, SK13 7AS
Glossop BC

Sponsored by
Perrigo Sports

All Welcome
Woodley Spring Classic
Sunday 5th April Qualifiers
Andy Spragg, Dave Jackson, Aaron Steele, Jamie Bramley
Harry Rigby Trophy
Good Friday at The Bungalow
Gary Hoof 21 John Hignett 16
Whaley Bridge Bowling Club
2015 Open Floodlit Doubles
32 entries at £15.00 Kindly sponsored by Marston’s Brewery - total prize money £1,140 ** NO HOMESTERS **

Winner - £375 RU - £225 S/F - £120 Last 8 - £75
Qualifying Dates in September
Monday 21st; Tuesday 22nd; Wednesday 23rd; Thursday 24th;
Final Night Friday 25th
Start time 7:00pm. Practice from 6:30pm Entries to: Mark Whelan, 11 Shallcross Mill Road, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, SK23 7JQ Tel: or Text: 07855 462 145 (after 6:00pm please)
Payment MUST be received within 14 days or the entry will be deleted
(Cheques made payable to Whaley Bridge Bowling Club)
A1 Radiators Good Friday Invitation 32.
3rd April 2015.
At Houldsworth WMC.

First Round.
Paul Bailey 20 v 21 Ian Booth
Jon Guess 15 v 21 Ryan Clark
Steve Morrey 12 v 21 Ben Harris
Jack Dyson 06 v 21 Glynn Cookson
Wayne Ditchfield 12 v 21 John Bailey
Chris Mordue 21 v 14 Neil Bithell
Graeme Wilson 17 v 21 Matt Fellows
Ritchie Goddard 21 v 16 Dan Jones
Dan Petcher 21 v 07 Billy Speed
John Davies 21 v 11 Ashley Daykin
Gareth Gwilliam 18 v 21 Chris Kelly
Paul Dudley 11 v 21 Dave Jackson
Lee Brown 21 v 20 Dave McDermott
Simon Coupe 14 v 21 Callum Wraight
Gary Ellis 21 v 09 Chris Cooke
Kerry Morris 07 v 21 Josh Mordue

Second Round.
Ian Booth 21 v 17 Ryan Clark
Ben Harris 11 v 21 Glynn Cookson
John Bailey 21 v 13 Chris Mordue
Matt Fellows 21 v 05 Ritchie Goddard
Dan Petcher 09 v 21 John Davies
Chris Kelly 21 v 10 Dave Jackson
Lee Brown 09 v 21 Callum Wraight
Gary Ellis 21v 19 Josh Mordue.

Ian Booth 11 v 21 Glynn Cookson.
John Bailey 21 v 15 Matt Fellows
John Davies 21 v 15 Chris Kelly
Callum Wraight 10 v 21 Gary Ellis.

Glynn Cookson 21 v 05 John Bailey
John Davies 21 v 20 Gary Ellis.

Glynn Cookson 16 v 21 John Davies
A1 Radiators Autumn Floodlit Pairs.
At Houldsworth WMC. Leamington Road, Reddish Stockport. SK5 6BD.
£12 Per Pair. Winners-£350 Runners Up-£250 Semi-Finalist-£150 Last 8-£100 Qualifying Dates. Monday 12th October. Tuesday 13th October. Wednesday 14th October. Thursday 15th October.

6pm Practice. 6-30pm Start.
2 pairs to Qualify for the Final Night.
Final Night. Friday 16th October. 6pm Practice. 6-30pm Start.
Entries To; Glen Beeley 9 Ash Road, Denton, Manchester. M34 2WE. 07939-205513
Woodley Spring Classic
Sunday 29th March Qualifiers
Gareth Hughes, Andy Cairns, Craig Richardson, Dean Ferris.
Bill Adshead Plate
Round One Tuesday May 12th.
Crown 1 (14) v Waggon & Horses 2 (82)@ Poynton Sports
Grange (64) v H.W.M.C 4 (78) @ The Vic
Offerton (80) v Cheadle Con 1 (48) @ The Crown (Thursday 14th May)
Nursery 1 (22) v High Lane (56) @ Great Moor
New Mills (6) v Woodley Sports 1 (26) @ Hadfield
N/G/Rl 1 (48) v Grapes 2 (54) @ New Mills
Cheadle Cons 2 (76) v Poynton 2 (70) @ High Lane
H.W.M.C 3 (36) v Whaley Bridge (24) @ The Grapes
Waggon & Horses 1 (8) v Poynton 3 (102) @ The Nursery
L.M.R.C.A (32) v Victoria 1 (16) @ H.W.M.C
James North (42) v Great Moor 3 (74) @ The Grange
George & Dragon 2 (40) v Grapes 1 (10) @ Whaley Bridge
Nursery 3 (86) v Nursery 2 (46) @ The Romiley Arms
Great Moor 1 (28) v N/G/R 3 (100) @ Woodley Sports
H.W.M.C 2 (20) v Hadfield (18) @ The George & Dragon
In a bid to attract new members The Romiley Arms are halving the cost of membership for the first year. This means that men would pay just £12, Ladies and Vets £11 and juniors £5. The Arms have mens teams in the Cheadle & Gatley, Stockport & District (bothTuesday), North Derbyshire (Wednesday), Workshops Mixed (Friday), Longdendale (Saturday) with the Ladies playing on Monday's. For more details contact Keith Fantom on 0161 430 6379
There are a small number of vacancies remaining in the Nursery Open on Saturdays the 20th and 27th June. Contact Irving Cummings on 07748 819175 or 0161 483 8115 for details.
Ashton Winter League
Organiser Mark Sutton sums up the final week :-
Well we got here and the league was wide open for places right through the league and the atmosphere was fantastic and the banter all in good humour. After the dust settled The Grapes were again worthy champions and Born Winners the unlucky runners up. Would just like to thank a few people who help me run this years league and without them this league just wouldn't happen, Geoff Moxon (The Money Man), Paul Leah (Ashton Legend with the leaf blower), John Blezard (The Green Guru ) who has to be said keeps the green playable and the green was in the best condition for weeks yesterday, Gill Sutton (Fixtures Sec), Steve Foster (Stand In Money Man) and all the bar staff who keep all fed and watered I THANK YOU
Here are yesterdays results and final places and pay outs.

Madfield 62 v Wonder Girls 82
Legionaires 75 v Born Winners 77
Springbank 71 v Warriors 49
The Grapes 84 v 3 Reds & 1 Blue 50

The Grapes 1233 £325
Born Winners 1227 £225
Legionaires 1177 £150
Springbank 1138 £125
Ashton CC 1135 £50
Madfield 1090 £25
Warriors 1065
Wonder Girls 846
3 Reds & 1 Blue 793
Ashton Winter League
With one week left, 1 point separates the top 2. The league is wide open
and will go down to the last ends of the last matches.

Week 17 Results

Madfield 79 V Springbank Dogs 57
Born Winners 79 V 3 Reds & 1 Blue 53
Grapes 84 V Wonder Girls 39
Warriors 70 V Ashton CC 61

Born Winners. 1150
Grapes. 1149
Ashton CC. 1135
Legionaires. 1102
Springbank. 1067
Madfield. 1028
Warriors. 1016
Wonder Girls. 764
3 Reds & 1 Blue. 743
Not long now. And who won't need some early season practice, whilst having a bit of fun.

This season's Charity Game is on Easter Monday, 6th April. There's a change of venue as Glossop BC have kindly offered the use of their green. The format this year is a bit different too. There will still be two teams, Mermaids Men (and ladies) against Smarty's Barmy Army, playing for the trophy, but it will be pairs, over 9 ends and hopefully everyone will get 3 games, with the top pair on each team fighting out a final.

As usual, everyone is welcome and anyone who wants a game will get one. All we ask is £5 per player, with the money going to the charity, which has yet to be decided.
If you have any suggestions let us know. We usually go for a charity or good cause that is personal to someone who might attend the event.
There will be other fun events on the day and a monster raffle. If anyone would like to donate a prize, let us know on the forum , via the website email address or the event on Facebook.

Also if anyone has any good ideas for the day or other ways of increasing the fund let us know. I think last year everyone raised almost £1000.
(Hot food will be available)
SUNDAY 9th AUGUST 6.00pm Qualifying Round (Practice 5.30pm)
SUNDAY 16th AUGUST 6.00pm Qualifying Round (Practice 5.30pm)
SUNDAY 23th AUGUST 6.00pm Finals Night (Practice 5.30pm)
Winners Prize £200.00 & (Trophy), Runners up Prize £100.00
Semi Final Losers Prize £50.00
To enter please send your details including your name, club, address, preffered date and entrance fee of £10.00 per pair (Cheques made payable to WHBTS Club)
Entrances must be received before Sunday 2nd Aug 2015.
Mr E Tasker Bowling Section West Heaton Bowling Tennis, And Squash Club
Princes Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 3NQ
Email: ETASKER19UK@AOL.COM or Call 07546486098
The latest edition of BCGBA NEWS (02) can be viewed and/or downloaded from this link
The Newsletters will be published on an ad hoc basis when there is news to report.

This edition includes the Calendar of Events for the British Crown Green and British Crown Green Ladies Bowling Association’s together with a full list of the respective county fixtures for the 2015 season.

The edition also includes some good news on the Waterloo Hotel Bowling Green, Blackpool, along with details of their 2015 competitions.
Wilmslow Bowling Club
Open Mixed Pairs
Saturday 15th August staggered starts from 10am
Entry £8 per pair
Handicap - 2 visitors +4, 1 visitor & 1 homester +3, 2 homesters +2
All games 21up
Entries to Sheila Broadhurst, 11 Treen Close, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 3PT
Tel 01625 616976
Cheques payable to Wilmslow Bowling Club
Entries to be in by Sunday 9th August to allow the draw to be done and players advised of start times
The organisers of the Harry Rigby Trophy have asked me to clarify that it is being played on Good Friday at The Bungalow and NOT at Love Lane as there seems to be some confusion over the venue

The Harry Rigby Trophy
In Memory of the late Harry ‘its as short as a carrot’ Rigby
to be held at the The Bungalow Club Edgeley
10am start strike out 11am
Good Friday 3rd April Entry Fee £5
All entry fees to be paid out in prize money
Draw to be made at the Bungalow Club on Thursday Evening 2nd April
All those who booked at last years event please confirm booking
All bookings to George Wood on 07860374344 or
email -
Ashton CC Winter League
Saturday 14th February

Madfield 78 v Legionaires 64
Born Winners 71 v Warriors 62
Springbank Dogs 77 v Wonder Girls 47
Ashton CC 59 v Grapes 63

Legionaires 1102
Ashton CC 1074
Born Winners 1071
Grapes 1065
Springbank Dogs 1010
Madfield 949
Warriors 946
Wonder Girls 725
3 Reds & 1 Blue 690

With the top 2 losing and only 2 weeks to go both the Legionnaires and Ashton CC have a bye week each, so just one game left, its all to play for for the top 5.
Wilmslow British Legion are again holding the Joe Broadhurst Clic Sargent Charity Pairs Competition 1 Day 32 pairs @ £10 per pair on the 31st May 2015
Sessions are 10am, 10.30am, 11am or 11.30am
Winners £200, Runners Up £100, Semi Finalist £50, Qtr Finalist £25 and £20 to the best 2nd Losers. (£520 Prize Fund) Entries to Mark Sandham 16 Hawthorn Avenue Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5BR, Tel No 01625 521009, 07747405510
All money raised on the day will be donated to
Please note no money no entry Mark will hold your place for 7 days only, this comp fills very quickly.
Ashton CC Winter League
Saturday 7th February

Wonder Girls 27 v Legionaires 84
Grapes 59 v Springbank 83
Warriors 74 v Madfield 61
3 Reds & 1 Blue 47 v Ashton CC 84

Legionaires 1038
Ashton CC 1015
Grapes 1002
Born Winners 1000
Springbank Dogs 933
Warriors 884
Madfield 871
3 Reds & 1 Blue 690
Wonder Girls 678

Woodley Spring Classic
Qualifing dates 29th March, 5th,12th and 19th April,
A few spaces on 29th March and 5th April, but 12th and 19th April full,
reserves being taken
Final 26th April. 128 @ £15, payable to Woodley bowling club.
To Mrs Gail Knowles, 15 Mansfield Close, Denton, Manchester, M34 3WS.
Tel 07718794498
Nursery Pro Felt Classic
Qualifying Rounds June 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th. Finals Night July 11th.
£15 entry fee: Maximum of 64
Cheques payable to: The Nursery
Contact Details Irving Cummings 44 Portrea Close Davenport Stockport SK3 8RU
07748 819175 or 0161 483 8115
Whaley Bridge Open 2015
64 Entries @ £15 (No Homesters) (Previous 3 Years)
Winner: £500 R/Up: £250 Semis: £125 Quarters: £80 Last 16: £40
Win 2 Games For Final Day
Qualifying Dates:
Sunday 20th Sept 10am And 2pm Sunday 27th Sept 10am And 2pm
30mins Practice Before Each Session
Final Day. Sunday 4th October Practice 12noon 1pm Start
Entries To Dan Golpin. Mob: 07714593158 Home: 01298 436058
Cheques Made Payable To (Whaleybridge Bowling Club) Within 14days Of Entry And Sent To Daniel Golpin 44 Thornbrook Road, Chapel-En-Le-Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire. SK23 OLT.
Leagues are starting to make this season's fixtures available.
The Stockport & District fixtures get underway on Tuesday 7th April where
last season's 1st Division Champions Houldsworth WMC kick off with a home
game with the George & Dragon.

S&D fixtures
Workshops Mixed League
Ladies Parks
C&D Ladies
S&D Ladies
Altrincham LV

A date for your 2015 diary, the date for the Stockport area qualifier for the Cheshire Merit is Saturday 23rd May 11am start. Closing date for entries is Saturday 16th May. The venue will be selected after entries are received. Anyone interested should contact Jim McGurk via the usual channels.
Following the success of Globegig TV’s first “Crown Green” chat show last November they are going ahead with another programme. It will be broadcast live from their Blackpool studio this Thursday, 29th January from 7.30pm
To watch it on the night tune into

Chat Show

Hosted by Mel Evans MBE the guests on the show include Keith Rudman & Steve McHugh talking about their book of Keith’s life “Living with a killer” Mark Audin & Tony Gatley with all the news from the Waterloo Hotel. Lynn Pritchatt, Katrina Earl & Julie Alderman looking at the ladies scene. Andrew Cairns & Anthony Bracken looking ahead to the 2015 Endsleigh Inter County Championship. Neil Jones with news of the new Big Bash competition in Cumbria
BCGBA NEWS is making a return in 2015 and the first edition can be viewed and/or downloaded from this link
The Newsletters will be published on an ad hoc basis when there is news to report. The first edition of the year gives a brief overview on the Rules Revision and Annual General Meetings held on Saturday 17th January 2015 as well as details of the Commercial Officer, Competitions Officer and Development Co-ordinator vacancies which close on Saturday 31st January 2015.
North Road, Glossop. SK13 7AS.
BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY - 4TH MAY 2015 Start 10.00am
Singles event - all start off scratch 21 up - no practise 32 limit
£5 entry (all monies paid out on the day)
Food & Bar
Cheques to be made out to Glossop Bowling Club
Send to: Andy Dawson 31, Queen Street, Glossop. SK13 8EL
Email: Tel: 07594551939
Cheshire County Bowling Association is looking to develop and to the future of its Junior County side. We are looking for bowlers in the age range of 10 - 18 years or younger if they are good enough. Do you know of any bowlers who fit that requirement? please notify in the first instance Steve Cook through the Cheshire web site. Ours is a sport where anyone can compete and everyone is welcome at every level of the game. The best time to get involved is now at this age. You could be part of something great so get in touch and take the first step towards a great sporting and social life.

Cheshire Website
22nd March 11am Start
Visitors & Ladies off 3 - Homesters off 1
Make £10 cheques to "Frank Warburton" send to
12 Linden Way, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 6QJ
Call 07702452810 for details and directions
Refreshments available all day.
First 32 guaranteed places then reserves taken.
The S&D AGM is this Thursday, 8th January 2015 commencing at 7:30pm at
The Bungalow, Edgeley.
Alsager BC, Green Drive, Alsager, Cheshire
£400 One day Ladies Open
Sponsored by Crown Green Travel Preston
Sunday 5th July 2015 10-30 Start
Practice from 10am
32@ £6 21up off 3
No home bowlers
Winner £150
Win 2 games for £20
Contact Tony Chesters on 01270 587582 or email to :-
Merry Christmas to everyone and the very best wishes
for 2015 fom

Ashton Winter League
Saturday 20th December

Born Winners 67 v Springbank Dogs 57
Madfield 56 v Grapes 76
3 Reds & 1 Blue 49 v Warriors 84
Ashton CC 72 V Legionaires 72

Ashton CC 792
Grapes 788
Born Winners 773
Legionaires 724
Springbank Dogs 689
Warriors 599
Madfield 589
3 Reds & 1 Blue 526
Wonder Girls 508
At this weeks Stockport Parks AGM, the league decided to implement a couple of big changes. With the Parks league struggling in recent years the league have decided to both cut the team size down from 10 to 8 aswell as allowing ladies.

Applications from new teams to join the League for the 2015 season must be made in writing and received by the Secretary, Andy Clews, by 10th January 2015. Andy's contact details are:-
Mobile: 07950 679 738

Prospective new teams can play on both parks or non-parks greens.
Ashton Winter League
Saturday 14th December

Springbank Dogs 61 v Legionaires 75
Ashton CC 56 V Born Winners 81
Grapes 82 v Warriors 56
Wonder Girls 82 v 3 Reds & 1 Blue 64

Ashton CC 720
Grapes 712
Born Winners 706
Legionaires 652
Springbank Dogs 632
Madfield 525
Warriors 515
Wonder Girls 508
3 Reds & 1 Blue 477
Cheshire County Parks AGM will take place on Tuesday 16th December at Victoria Bowling Club, Webb Lane, Stockport at, following the Stockport Parks AGM. All Secretarys and players of Clubs from the Stockport Parks and Cheadle and Gatley League who are affiliated to Cheshire Parks are invited to attend the meeting.
Ashton Winter League
Saturday 7th December

Grapes 76 v Legionaires 57
3 Reds & 1 Blue 38 v Springbank 84
Wonder Girls 53 v Ashton CC 84
Madfield 52 v Born Winners 84

Ashton CC 664
Grapes 630
Born Winners 625
Legionaires 577
Springbank 571
Madfield 525
Warriors 459
Wonder Girls 426
3 Reds & 1 Blue 413


A players forum meeting of Cheshire County Parks Veterans is to take place on Wednesday 5th November 2014. All veterans (over 60's) whose clubs are affiliated to Cheshire County Parks are welcome. This is just an informal meeting, where discussion takes place on a number of subjects relating to Veterans County Bowls. The meeting is to be held at Victoria Bowling Club at 2pm.

Winter Bowling Competition At Winton Social Bowling Club
Every Sunday. (10am Practise and 10:30 Draw)
It's a round robin format where you will be selected into either Group A, B, C or D.
You will be guaranteed 3 games no matter what happens.
Anybody is welcome to come along and it started last week and it was a very good turnout. There will be hot food and drinks provided. There's plenty of shelter and a warm hut due to the cold conditions that are expected. There is full use of the club available and a bar so organiser Kane Backhouse hopes to see you there this Sunday.

Address: Winton Social Bowling and Tennis Club,
Brookside/Grange Road,
Manchester M30 8JW


Stockport Weather

Message Board

Charity Match
Easter Monday, 6th April, 2015
Sponsored By

Local Leagues

Stockport & District
North Derbyshire
Workshops Mixed
Ladies Afternoon
C&D Ladies
S&D Ladies
Cheadle & Gatley
Alderley & District
Macclesfield & District
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